This technology is revolutionizing healing by eliminating the root cause of disease, DIS-EASE or emotional blockage from dis-ease. Stuck energies that cause the disease or imbalance in the first place. This is only the beginning of the many uses of repeatable and documented benefits of the Accelerator Chair™ technology. We have recently added two new software packages to the Accelerator Chair™, the FreX16™ and the CHIamp™ software programs that now truly make the Accelerator Chair™ the leader in vibrational healing sound technology. This vibrational healing technology is truly becoming the Atomic Accelerator Chair.

Raising cellular vibration at the atomic level!







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(Solid Teak wood chair & Vortex Mag-Field™ floorboards not shown in this picture, are prototypes only)


The Accelerator Chair


Vo-Cal™ (Voice Calibration) software & the All New Vo-Cal II high-fidelity transducer amplifier w/built in headphone amp and light glass controller. This amplifier takes sound to a whole new level, making the Accelerator Chair even more effective, as well as shorter sessions.


The Accelerator Chair™ is a combination of several dynamic sciences and has resulted in one of the most highly-acclaimed products of recent decades. The Accelerator Chair™ first detects subconscious stress indicated through the voice and displays it as a voice map through the Vo-Cal 360™ software. The range and specific frequencies of the voice map relate to specific types of subconscious stress. Sophisticated software then analyzes the voice map and outputs the ideal frequencies through sound vibrations to balance out the voice map. The Accelerator Chair™ has consistently obtained highly-repeatable, permanent, observable and measurable results.

One of several breakthroughs discovered during the Accelerator Chair's™ five-year developmental phase is that much of the stress individuals encounter is genetically inherited. If these ancestral ties, miasms or genetic encodings are not dealt with directly, they continue to exert an energetic force which makes permanent improvement an ongoing battle and sometimes impossible.

In The Accelerator Chair™, the client sits in a specially designed solid teak wood chair with two sound transducers on the back and base of the chair. The client also wears special light glasses with white lights that flash in varying frequency and patterns. Any shapes or colors seen during the session are strictly the client's energetic patterns, and everyone is unique. The client wears headphones with a special powerful magnet in the top center to be placed at the top of the head with special music to invoke the emotions. A voice map is then obtained from the client and the inverse frequencies obtained from the voice map software are then fed into the chair to cause the chair to resonate and thus assist in liberating any limiting ancestral imprints from the client's subconscious. Thus freeing the client of their energetic stresses. The reason for this amazing emotional and physical healing that takes place with the Accelerator Chair™ is still theory at this point but it is believed that this technology somehow goes into the body at the cellular level and corrects the energetic imbalances that cause organs to shut down, disease to manifest, pain, various imbalances not too mention the overall lack of energy most all of us suffer from. The level at which this technology heals the individual riches beyond fathomable limits. One day we hope to have universities with volumes of books written on this amazing healing Phenomena.

The vast majority of clients who experience the Accelerator Chair™ report decreased stress, and enhanced joy and peace. And because persistent subconscious stress is closely related to specific health challenges, some clients also report dramatic improvements in specific health challenges, many of which have been documented by medical doctors. Such results have become the expectation rather than the exception of practitioners who implement the Accelerator Chair™ in their practices.



(Color wheel Voice Print)



Vo-Cal™ software

Emotions are Energy in Motion -----measurable and recordable vibrations.

The voice contains coded information about your state of mind and body. Just speak to someone on the phone for a moment and you can hear if they are happy or sad or sick.

When you have an emotional reaction, the brain releases a chemical. Within this chemical is stored the thought process and the MEMORY of that experience. Emotions are designed to chemically reinforce an experience or information into long term memory. This bio-chemical memory is then discharged by a synapse, which allows the emotion to come and go.

Sometimes, the synapse does not “fire” and the bio-chemical becomes locked between the synapse and the cell. This “chemical memory”, imprinted with the thought process, continues to run like a CD on continuous play. It can be stored in the cells and passed down generation to generation through the DNA structure. Thus, one can inherit thought processes and patterns, such as anger, abandonment, distrust, lack of self worth, emotional disconnect, survival issues, etc. on a sub or unconscious level.

These thoughts and patterns can then unconsciously direct our lives, interfering with our ability to live our lives in the way we choose.

The hypothalamus produces a chemical to match every emotion that we experience. The brain does not differentiate between what it sees in the present moment and what it remembers from the past. The stored chemical memory, whether inherited through DNA, acquired through life experiences, or in present experience, use the same neuro-nets and synapses when firing. Thus a present experience can be influenced by a past or inherited emotional response or belief.

The Accelerator Chair™, through state-of-the-art technology enables the brain to gently, yet effectively release the chemical produced by the hypothalamus. This in turn, will flush the bio-chemical memory from the cellular structure, rendering inner peace, ease in life and joy.

The Vo-Cal™ software allows you to see through voice pattern imaging why you energetically bring to you certain people, situations, actions and reactions in your life. By eliminating the chemical memory, you diffuse the energetic charge behind emotional wounds and disharmony. A simple yet effective release of an energetic imbalance.



On a more technical note:

The brain is made up of nerve cells, called neurons. A neuron consists of a large cell body and a single, elongated extension called an axon, for sending messages. Neurons have many tiny branches, called dendrites, that reach out and connect to other neurons, forming a neuro-net. A synapse is where these branches connect to other neurons. It is here between the synapse and the cell that the “chemical memory or thought” is stored when it is not dispersed or fired.

The Accelerator Chair™ process consists of a voice pattern mapping with the Vo-Cal™ software. Computer generated playback of missing frequencies from your voice pattern along with specific gentle music through the headsets, and “light frames” (glasses with small flashing white lights) are played back to the client through the chair. Once the voice pattern is recorded, the Vo-Cal™ software determines the Optimum Deficiency. This is the area of the voice where the greatest compensation is occurring. The Optimum Deficiency or OD is used as an instruction to the Accelerator Chair™ which generates a sequence of very low frequencies which is your voice pattern resonance played back to you without the words you spoke. The custom built wooden chair has special transducers attached at specific points to allow the frequencies to resonate through the wood to your body and every cell. The light frame glasses help access the subconscious mind. Even though your eyes are closed and the lights are flashing white only, you see a kaleidoscope of colors, geometric shapes and patterns. This is all encoded information and memory that has been filed in your brain being released. The experience is nothing short of amazing. Something you just have to see, feel, experience and witness for yourself. This technology will truly revolutionize the healing process not too mention speed the shift of consciousness.

More about the process:

It can take 10-15 sessions to clear your lineage. The immediate lineage consists of mother, father, maternal and paternal grandparents, spouses and ex-lovers, immediate family and you. This may also include anyone or event that still surfaces as an emotionally charged issue. If your attention is on it, there is an emotional/energetic issue that can and will manifest its ugly head.

The first session can run about 2-2½ hours. It takes longer than the subsequent sessions because you voice map every person and issue you are working on goes first. The rest of the sessions start by using the original voice map and last from 1½ to 2 hours. You can process one person or issue per session only. Occasionally on particularly deep and difficult patterns you may need to do more than one session on a person to clear it out. If that does occur it is important to come back and clear it within 24-48 hours. This indicates that the body needs some processing time before it can completely clear the energy. There is no way to predict if you will need more than one session on a person as everyone is different.

Once you clear your lineage, you can process specific issues, such as health, procrastination, self sabotage, etc. Often you will find that these issues automatically dissipate as you clear your lineage through the initial mapping process. Once all this negative energy gets cleared you can now work on positive energetic things such as your goals, dreams, aspirations, visions of peace, whatever you want. You can literally get rid of karmic imbalances and change your stars. Another major plus with the Accelerator Chair™ is that when parents of children, usually younger than 10 years old, do their work in the chair their children get clear automatically without ever having to go in the chair. We can now free our children of our karmic and energetic bonds allowing our children to fully shine in all their glory. These are very exciting times! This IS an amazing technology far ahead of its time!


How do we inherit our ancestors' health patterns, subconscious stress and perceptions?

Scientific research over the past three decades conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and many other labs and universities around the word has revolutionized most of our previous notions about how the brain and body function. Among the most profound and far-reaching findings of this research is the role of peptides in our health and emotions.

Peptides are tiny strings of linked amino acids produced within cells throughout the body. Each distinct amino acid combination fits into matching cellular receptors, which then sends a message to the cell and give it direction. The cell may create additional peptides to forward the message along the chain. Cells in different parts of the body may respond differently to the same peptide in order to attain a common goal. The peptide angiotensin, which creates the sensation of thirst, also induces the lungs to release less moisture and the kidneys to release less water in urine, all in order to conserve water (Candace Pert, Ph.D., The Molecules of Emotion, Scribner: NY, 1997. Page 145).

Peptides also create the sensations that we experience as emotion. Such sensation may both cause and be caused by specific thoughts or perception. Traumatic experiences in particular frequently results in strong emotional reactions that are stored within the brain's neural pathways and the cells of the body - locking an individual, to some extent, within the same emotional experience.

Because creation of peptides within the cells utilizes the DNA, a proclivity toward specific peptides may be transferred genetically, which explains genetic patterns of both disease and demeanor.

Whether or not the Accelerator Chair™ somehow interacts with these peptides or the ideas that exert control over them has not yet been tested and the Accelerator Chair™ Company makes no claim to this effect. Many practitioners who implement the system believe that the observable results of the Accelerator Chair™ may suggest such an association, and the Accelerator Chair™ Company looks forward to continued experimentation to explore this hypothesis.



You will notice that you will not react to situations the way you have in the past. Emotional challenges will be much easier to deal with and you will move through issues more quickly. No longer must we endure ”old emotional baggage” that interferes with the quality of our life. Instead of being “run’ by old patterns, you can now live “free and clear” in this moment—making solution oriented choices for yourself. Now you can truly experience being in present time and living in the moment, unburdened and feeling creative possibility and joy.


The Vo-Cal™ software records your voice pattern and plots it into a visual graph called a voice map. Seen below.

Voice Mapping

The voice map is a series of voice prints that the client speaks into the Vo-Cal software that show areas of stress (excess) and areas of compensation (deficiency). Each map can be correlated with underlying attitudes, beliefs and emotions. This data is very valuable when analyzed in relation to the emotional aspects of health and interpersonal relationships. Once a voice map is created, the Vo-Cal™ software determines the optimum deficiency. This is the area of the voice where the greatest compensation is occurring. The optimum deficiency is used as an instruction to the Accelerator Chair™, which generates a sequence of very low frequencies that are played into the Accelerator Chair™ chair. As you sit in the chair, you also listen to relaxing music and watch an amazing light show that your brain creates with the help of light frames.
Each Accelerator Chair™ session includes 1-6 rounds. A round includes a new voice map and 2-10 minutes in the Accelerator Chair™. Through this progression of rounds, the body balances its emotional stress points. This shift is reflected in the voice so the progress is called voice mapping.

The objective of voice reaming is to change patterns that are rigid or stuck to patterns that are dynamic, called floating patterns. Floating patterns are a reflection of your ability to adjust and adapt to stress in a healthy way. The Accelerator Chair™ experience is often described as unburdening, or a vast and continually expanding feeling of gratitude.

The Accelerator Chair™ will add dramatic value to your life and the lives of your clients, coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

For your benefit, we combine a number of approaches to health. This creates a synergy that makes your experience more efficient and more enjoyable.



A Revolution in Conventional Science, Healing & Wellness

Accelerator Chair™ Cream

"The Gift"

Accelerator Chair™ Energetic Cream known as"The Gift", has been created to bring balance to your physical, emotional and energetic existence. Its essential oils are combined with olive oil and made into a rich cream. It is a completely unique skin cream because of its extraordinary qualities that enhance the body's energetic system. Proprietary methods of treating precious gold with magnetic water allows hydrogen bonding of the purest gold crystals to the water, so your body can use the gold and its healing frequency.

The Gift™ Cream's energetic impact is visible in these Kirlian photographs of a fingertip after application on hands and feet. Note the breaks in the energy field on the left (poor - prior to application of The Gift). Note the connected energy field on the right (excellent - following application of The Gift).

The human body needs trace minerals including gold for healthy function. Gold promotes a general euphoric feeling, enhances the body's natural defenses against illness, and promotes vitality and longevity.



"At bed time, I rubbed a little on my neck, hands and feet. It worked like a charm. I felt calm and at peace and was able to fall aisles. My husband arrived home from a stressful business trip. He was tossing and turning, trying to unwind. I put some gift on him as well and almost before I finished his feet, he sighed and was fast asleep. Now we both use it every night."

"I love the way it seals right against the skin. It feels so soft and smooth. I really got excited when I noticed the brown spots on my my skin fading and disappearing when I first tried it, my skin just sealed it in. I'm in these I noticed I used less and less. It goes further now, but it also hydrates my skin. As a Zen rejuvenate, I put it on my clients' feet before treating them. I find that I get a better connection and am able to get in deeper, without it being as painful for the client. I was also better protected from their energy."

"Just putting The Gift™ Cream on my hands and feet amplifies whatever process I am engaged in, whether it's relaxing, meditation or releasing. The Gift™ Cream enhances the depth of my experience."


"The Gift"

Cream Ingredients

Olive Oil: a wonderful conductor for the human body and the base oil for many quality skin products. It is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins. Olive oil is used for dry or irritated skin. It's helpful for scars and stretch marks.

Water: we begin with crystal pure water that has undergone a seven-stage purification process. Through our proprietary process, our waters are energized and carry their own magnetic field.

Aloe Vera: many energetic products use aloe as it is commonly known as a skin healer, moisturizer, and softener. It is dramatically effective on burns, and is good for bruises, cuts, insect stings and bites, poison ivy, acne, blemishes and excema.

Bees Wax: bees mix wax and proplis together for the construction of hives. This wax has an excellent effect against bacterial infection. Natural bees wax is beneficial for the skin because of its antibacterial effect.

Gold: through a complex scientific process, we have discovered a method of locking mineral gold particles - ranging from argatnom six and arraller to water molecules. Gold is said to have the proprieties of regeneration and the powers of transmutation. Science has found that gold has hidden abilities to restructure the DNA chain and repair damage that has been done to it.

Frankincense: used historically both as an oil and burned as an incense for spiritual enlightenment. Today it is still known for its qualities in purifying and clearing. The oldest records of ancient Egypt show how it was used in rejuvenating face masks, cosmetics and perfumes. It is helpful for the skin with blemishes, dry and mature complexions, scars, wounds and wrinkles. Frankincense is an anti depressant, anti-tumoral and is a stimulant of the immune system.

Myrrh: used for spiritual awareness, it is uplifting and said to release stuck emotion, and motivates you to move forward spiritually. Used for skin care with chapped and cracked skin, eczema, mature complexions, the skin, good for wounds, wrinkles and athlete's foot.

Amber: historically used in the finest perfumes, this tree sap blends with frankincense and myrrh to add a rich and long-lasting warm balsamic odor to the scent of the gift.

Leithin: cell membranes, which regulate the movement of minerals in the cells, are largely composed of leathin. It is partly soluble in water and acts as an emulsifying agent that contains vitamins and choline.

Laxine: used in the gift as a natural preservative but it also has many therapeutic benefits. Laxine is helpful in controlling bacteria and fungal infections of the skin. It is helpful on dry skin, excema, athlete's foot, sunburn, cuts, scrapes and diaper rash.

"The Gift" cream 1oz.

$30.00 US


FreX - Customizable Frequency Generation Program

A Resonance Event

Resonance Initiated Field Effects


FreX is designed to be an educational entry point for scientists, researchers, homeopathic and naturopathic doctors, interested in evaluating Frequency Therapy.

Studies of Frequency Therapy display these potential benefits ...

De-vitalization of fungus, mold, virus and bacteria via mortal oscillation

De-vitalization of virus external protein layer, thus reducing its ability to gain access to healthy body cells (potential personal protection from pandemic virus)

Produce regulatory peptides by stimulation of C-fibres for the body to use where necessary - CHIamp is most suitable for this with it's changing wave cycles.

T-Cell excitation and division. Immune boost, more warriors to go into battle

Adult Stem Cell stimulation appears to be a bi-product of frequency therapy, which studies have shown 5% to 10% increase of adult stem cells in the blood. Stem cells are required to reverse aging, and promote organ and tissue regeneration.

Free electrons delivered attach to free radicals, which neutralizes their damaging cellular effect

Current studies display body fascia release and unwinding, providing a huge boost and normalization of body functions. (A field I am particularly interested in)

Increases cellular electromagnetic potentials, thus raising barriers of entry to harmful microbes and damaging toxins. Often referred to as "recharging the body battery". When the cell's voltage falls, we become sick according to Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg

Speeds up tissue repair and cellular regeneration functions

New research focusing on regrowing lost body parts

New research focusing on nerve cell regeneration

Used in all space flight programs to condition and keep optimized body tissue which would otherwise degenerate in a weightless environment

Current research into scalar waves, a more esoteric science of plasma transmitters where it is believed new and untapped healing potentials exist, revolving around placebo, entrainment, and intention amplification phenomena

Dark field microscope analysis of live blood displays Frequency Therapy un-glues red blood cells, enabling them to deliver oxygen to remote parts of the body and diseased cell sites more efficiently.

Blood lives for about 3 to 4 days under a microscope. When blood is examined from someone exposed to frequency therapy, it has lived up to 30 days under a microscope

Used as a muscle stimulator to relieve pain, reduce spasms and edema, tonify weak muscles

Homeopathic and Naturopathic Doctors use frequencies in numerous applications to help their patients, including DNA optimization applications. DNA produce proteins for our cells to have life. When we get sick and under stress, it has been found that our DNA lags a bit in producing protein spare parts for our immune system to use to fight disease.
A health genie in a box ?


Interesting Research In China
Dr. Ian MacLeod, Ph.D., New Lhasa Research Facility, In search of the truth through relentless research and infinite patience.

Dr. Ian MacLeod, Ph.D. has assembled a great team of scientists and engineers and has been researching both plasma transmitters and contact pad electrodes to help heal the body of disease. The Chinese Government is funding this research. News on applications, techniques and frequency regimes are being assembled and will be presented to the world as a Gift from China. Dr MacLeod's research revolves around CeFams, a new physiology of the body he has discovered.

This is truly one of the great moments of our time. With claims of 89% repeatable remissions in some cancers, the world stands at that point where many effective cures for diseases will soon be freely available. I look forward with positive expectancy of China's announcements.

Dr. MacLeod's research utilizes sine waves in the audio band width under 12.5kHz to effect cellular and physiological response to direct the body to heal from disease. This is a complementary application to Dr Rife's approach which is to devitalize and destroy pathogens and diseased tissue using Coordinative Resonance.


CHIamp - Resonated Qigong Energy Amplifier

What Is CHIamp ?

CHIamp is an energetic acoustic massage instrument that is designed to evaluate all the protocols of Low Frequency Therapy.

CHIamp has a unique frequency management system that is output to an amplifier and then to Tactile Transducers, which are placed over the area of trauma and accupressure sites.

Tactile transducers can be placed on the body (small ones) or if using large transducers, a few can be attached to the underside of a therapist's table and chair to receive the global benefits of this modality.

CHIamp control software was created for clinic work at our rooms.

The assembly of CHIamp hardware is easy DIY requiring no knowledge of electronics or specialized tools.

Tactile transducers are connected to the speaker ports of a mono or stereo amplifier. I use the Aura Interactor Cushion which has been designed for the Aura transducers. But any reasonable home stereo will drive the 25 watt Aura Bass Shaker transducer.

Sound out from the pc/notebook connects to the microphone or input on the amplifier (source, on the Aura amplifier).

The amplifier has to be able to output the minimum specifications of the tactile transducer.

EM contact electrodes can be connected in the same way, only it is stressed here that the amplifier be battery operated to avoid any potential shocks.

A scrolling, low resolution oscilloscope displays the output frequencies. This function was not designed to produce accurate wave shapes, as the function takes samples of the output wave and process them through FFT formula, but it will clearly display the correct amplitude of the wave form CHIamp is sending to your sound card and an approximation of the wave shape.

A signal level meter was installed to provide visual feedback to the output amplitude of the output signal.


CHIamp has 200 customizable program spaces to use other sequences that provide support and wellness to the body. Each treatment entry has a Day/Night setting which, allows for dual ranges per treatment, depending on the hour of the day, or evening. The body slows down at night, requiring a 10 to 15% reduction in frequency level for some applications. Simply select the disorder in the list box to the right, and use the New, Edit and Delete buttons to manipulate the entries.

CHIamp Program Manager for customizing programs allows you to enter your own frequency ranges on any research and experimental frequency ranges you would like to try. Chart colors can be set from a color tray of 16 million colors. Short application notes can be entered to assist you with each frequency range application. A program timer displays hours, minutes and seconds that the program has been running for. The output volume is usually left at half level "8" and the main power to the electrode or transducer is controlled via the volume knob on the amplifier. An index counter displays how many frequency cycles have been output in the session with a digital display of the current output frequency next to it.


CHIamp works with low audio frequencies under 100Hz, often too low for the human ear. CHIamp will output frequencies using its unique wave cycle formula. This works by sending a frequency out for its own wave length only. For example, 4Hz (4 pulses per second) would output for a duration of 1/4 of a second, then a new random frequency within the range is generated and it's output is for its own wave cycle, 17Hz would output for 1/17th of a second. Wave cycle timing is accurate to 1 ms. Following standard instrument measurement resolutions, 100Hz would be the highest acceptable measurable frequency, although I've run CHIamp as high as 500Hz and it looked to perform well. 0.1Hz is the minimum frequency. You will need the sawtooth wave selected to activate a pulse for this low a frequency.

The CHIamp chart displays the frequency range of the selected program and the random frequency generated, it scrolls along in real time. Depending on the frequency selected and the range of the frequency program, the chart will speed up and slow down in its display reflecting the correct operation of the wave cycle output function. No two identical frequencies are output in sequential order.

CHIamp supports sine, square, triangle, sawtooth positive, sawtooth negative, and white noise output wave forms. I have found Sawtooth Pos or Sawtooth Neg to be good with frequency ranges below 12Hz. I use sine waves above 12Hz.

The output frequencies are generated to 0.00001 Hz resolution.

A software random generator is seeded by the time, each time the start button is clicked.

CHIamp outputs its frequencies in mono mode. This means the same frequency is output on the left and right channels of the sound system. Both ChiAmp and Frex16 software programs are included with the Accelerator Chair. A one time/lifetime regestration fee of $120.00 applies for both programs.




Vo-Cal™ voice mapping software

and now newly added FreX16 & CHIamp

$13,500.00 US

which includes:

Vo-Cal™, FreX16 & CHIamp software combo and passcodes for 1 CPU. 4 custom wood, Votex Mag-Field™ floor pads, 1 solid teak wood chair, 2 transducers and the All New high-fidelity Vo-Cal II transducer amplifier w/ built in headphone amp and light glass controller, 1 pair of light glasses, MP3 Player, 1 pair of headphones with special magnet added, complete instructions on DVD and training manual and follow up phone consultation for 30 days from date of purchase. Additional training is extra. This chair is designed and created by Calvin Young. Custom modifications by RF Technologies.


Please check back for updates.

For any questions or to order the

Accelerator Chair


Vo-Cal voice mapping software

and just added the all new customizable frequency generation program,

with frequency sweep and Qigong energy amplifying software programs...

FreX16 and CHIamp

Please call: (619) 609-7109




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